Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ember’s First Rain Shower, Mile Walk and Bath

This is really short and quick since the video is long :)  Last night, the two of us decided to take Ember on a mile long walk as her previous walks were barely 1/4 mile.  As we neared the end of the walk it started to rain!  We figured now was as good a time as any to give Ember her first bath since she was already wet…and so were we :)  Here’s a look at Ember’s first bath!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!

Alicia celebrates her birthday today!DSC00010DSC00007 Happy Birthday!  We love you!

Update on Ember

Wow, so we are learning more and more about this sweet puppy every day!  After talking with Mom more and looking at pics online, we are thinking she looks more like she has German Shorthaired Pointer in her.  Want to know why?  Look at one of them:hogan_german_short_haired_pointer_01_jpg_w450 Source of photo

Click the source to see more photos of this breed.

I think this photo shows that this breed has so many similarities to sweet Ember!  We still think her other half is likely Australian Cattle Dog, but it’s possible it could also be Australian Shepard. Late June 2010 021 Additionally, Mom believes, after checking her teeth, that she probably wasn’t quite 3 months when we got her.  She’s thinking maybe 10 weeks.  If that’s so, then we NOW have a 3 month old :)

She’s growing so fast, and I can see it!  I can also feel it when I pick her up, haha!  I think she’s likely 15 pounds by now, and she was 12 when we got her.  I’ll find out at her Vet appt today her actual weight.

Here’s some new pics of her lately!Late June 2010 001I took this pic early in the morning on June 20th as it shows some big green sleepies in her eyes :(  I think she just has grass allergies, and the freshly mowed lawn flared her up.Late June 2010 020My sneaky little girl ;)Late June 2010 022 While I was on the computer, she decided she wanted to lay in the office with me :)Late June 2010 023 Late June 2010 027 She was playing a little rough with Uncle Ronnie; playful little girl.Late June 2010 028She loves her granddaddy!Late June 2010 044While she loves being at Grandmommy and Granddaddy’s house, she’s always one tired puppy at the end of the day!Late June 2010 045Late June 2010 046She is no stranger to car rides, and she was certainly ready to ride home sleeping after a long day!Late June 2010 047 Late June 2010 048She REALLY loves her Aunt Justine!  She even used her as a pillow!

She was having lots of fun playing with her Daddy!

We give her this Kong toy to play with and chew on which is stuffed with treats that she has to fish out of it.  This time, she had some unusually difficult treats to get out, and it took her an hour!  Lots of entertainment :)

Her Aunt Ashlee has also successfully taught her to lay down on command!  Whoop!

We are loving our sweet Ember!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dad’s Birthday Celebration

Friday, my Dad was SUPPOSED to be surprised with two birthday celebrations, but only one was truly a surprise.  We left early Friday morning to head to my parents’ house.  Henry told Dad to get ready because he was taking him golfing.  Along with Henry and Dad, Dad’s long-time friend, Mike Espinedo and his wife, came down from Dallas so that Mike could go golfing with them.  To complete their group of four, my Uncle Ronnie also joined them.  To my understanding, my Dad was certainly surprised, very thankful, and they all had a great time golfing at Augusta Pines…minus the serious heat and humidity that day.

Post golfing, Mom and I had setup a surprise party for him that evening.  Well…somehow he found out about it, but that was basically expected by anyone that knows him :)  He was able to celebrate with lots of friends, and I am so thankful to each one of you that was able to come!  THANK YOU!!!!  Here are a few pics from the party and the whole day.Late June 2010 029Late June 2010 031Late June 2010 032Late June 2010 033Late June 2010 034Late June 2010 036Late June 2010 037 Late June 2010 039 This is Mike :)Late June 2010 042Late June 2010 043Here are some photo slideshows that I made for Dad.  The first is earlier years and the second is more recent years.

Hope you enjoyed your birthday Dad!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Happy 50th Birthday Dad!



We love you!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Ember’s a smart girl!

Henry and I are discovering what an extremely smart dog we have on our hands!  Yes, she has improving to do in areas, but I’m baffled at the improvement she has made already!

I’ve already informed you of her quick learning of “Sit.”  Even better though, she can do it with only a hand motion now :)  She doesn’t need to actually hear the word!  I’m still working on laydown.  She doesn’t grasp that yet.

On Wednesday, we allowed her to take another car ride with us to deliver food to friends in our bible study.  They have a new addition as well, but much more important: they have a 10 day old baby boy!  Anyway, Ember did pretty well in car.  Mommy should have stopped and let her use the RR, so her accidents are not her fault; they are Mommy’s fault.

She was able to play with our friends’ lab when we got to their house, and she played great!  She wore herself out, too!  On the way home, she actually laid down and was quite sleepy.  It was too cute not to photograph :)Ember 001Ember 002Ember 003That’s one worn out puppy!

Yesterday, I went to Walmart for a bit during one of her naps and decided to get her a new toy :)  She’s already begun the destruction process on this one, too :)Ember 005Last night, her Granddaddy and Grandmommy came over to meet her and play with her!  She was really good and greeted them with love.  They even brought her some treats and new toys to play with!  She was a little over stimulated at first, but it definitely didn’t last long.  Then, her granddaddy taught her to play ball!

At the end of this 2nd video, she plops down because she was already so tired from having chased the ball so much :)  Ember is in love with her new toys and her new playground!

We still haven’t introduced her to half of the house yet.  We are waiting for a while to do that. 

We love our new sweet puppy!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Her name is Ember!

We decided to name this sweet little girl ‘Ember.’  Congrats to my Mom for making the winning suggestion :)  I suppose it’s only fair since I named Summer. ;) June 2010 002

As you might be able to tell, Ember took her SECOND car ride.  On Monday morning, she and I went to her first Vet visit.  She got to experience a ride in Stella!

I’ve learned that she really does like car rides.  I can she she’s skittish, as all dogs are, at the newness of it, but she loves to look out the window at the surroundings, the air from the A/C on her face, and truly wants to walk over to Mommy’s lap sometimes.

June 2010 003June 2010 004June 2010 005June 2010 006 I wasn’t planning on taking her so quick after her surgery, but her first potty trip outside on Monday morning showed me that she had some creatures in her.  Thus, I decided we should get it medicated right away.  She did so well at the Vet!  I honestly think she likes her Doc better than me, haha!  She weighs 12 pounds and her Doc said she looks great.  She did have tapeworms, but she looks to be fine now after her meds. 

June 2010 007I love this picture.  After being awake longer than she’s used to, riding in the car, going to the vet, and many other new experiences, I had a tired puppy on my hands!  She laid down in her seat and started to close her eyes.

Later that evening, her Daddy came home and started to play with her!  However, her biting is the big problem we are working on.  I love this video because, to me, her behavior really shows that she understands that Daddy is Alpha and she better not mess with him.  That said, she still loves him and wants to play, as you can see…

In this next video, she’s playing with her toy, which had already been partially destroyed.  Mommy sewed it up during her 3pm-5pm nap though.

That said, the stuffing has since been destroyed, squeaker removed, and we are now left with just the rope.  What a shocker.

Today I also finally got a good shot of her during her nap in her crate.  She has finally learned that the pillows I put in there for her are comfortable.  June 2010 014Her Daddy successfully taught her to sit on command last night!  I couldn’t believe it!  Just one day, and she’s already sitting.  She is also very well trained at using the restroom outside, too.  I am just astonished at how quickly she is learning.

Hopefully my next report has just as much to say!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Our New Puppy!

There’s not much to say as the pics and videos are WAY cuter :)  She’s 3 months old.  No name for her yet as we are still unsure.  Suggestions are welcome :)June 2010 035June 2010 039June 2010 040June 2010 041June 2010 042June 2010 043

Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Emily!

EmilyA sweet, caring, dedicated and clever young lady :)

We can’t wait to celebrate with you!  Love you lots and have a terrific birthday!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Carissa’s Beautiful Twins Baby Shower

On May 15th, Rachel, Hayley, Hayley’s Mom and I put together a super duper cute twins baby shower for Carissa!  It was so much fun, and I know much appreciated.  Hayley’s mother did a fabulous job decorating her home for Carissa.  Here’s a look at the invitations we created for the shower, but of course, for privacy reasons, I’ve whited some things out.

Carissa's Baby Shower Invite EditedAnd the enclosure to go with it!  This is helpful, I think, because you can take this enclosure to the stores that the honoree is registered at without having to bring the entire invitation.  This was only a 2.5” x 2.5” card.Carissa's Baby Shower Invite Enclosure Edited  Now, I didn’t get many pics of the action at the shower, but in my true Krista Kooks form, I got pics of ALL the food :)May 2010 006 May 2010 008

Hayley and her Mom made these.  They are little trees with baby stuff pinned all over them.  Anything from booties or bibs to onesies and bows :)  There were two of these trees.

May 2010 010These are Hayley’s chicken crescents :)  May 2010 011May 2010 012 Petit Fours!  Yum! From Maureen’s Bakery in Sugarland.May 2010 013Cucumber sandwiches and pimento cheese sandwiches. May 2010 014May 2010 015 Fruit Kabobs!May 2010 017 Hayley’s Spinach balls :)May 2010 018 May 2010 019Beverages Table.May 2010 020  The ever-famous Coffee Punch.May 2010 022 I’m confident I drank half of this punch.May 2010 023 May 2010 024 There were two of these on the beverage table since it’s, obviously, twins :)May 2010 026 Life Saver/Jelly Belly pacifiers!May 2010 027 Cynthia, Carissa, Rachel, Me and HayleyCynthia was able to fly down for the weekend to be here for Carissa’s shower, and I just LOVE this picture!  Thanks Rachel!

It was a lot of fun to be able to do this for Carissa, and Henry and I are so looking forward to the arrival of their twin girls!