Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Further Fun with Friends

Recently, Carissa and Nick dedicated their twins, McKenna and Jillian, at church.  I don’t take the most fabulous pictures, but it was a very special time!  So so happy for this wonderful family!October 2010 075

We also had dinner with the NEWLYWEDS and Mrs. Wann Smile  Nick or Isla were able to attend, but it was so fun to sit with Stori to hear about their move to Russia as well as hear about how Kristen and Matt have been since their wedding!


We had an AMAZING weekend in College Station to for the A&M vs. texas tech game as well!  It’s always great when the team is winning, too.  We decided, late in the summer, to go with Anne and Scott to a game sometime in the season, and we chose the tech game.  What a great game that we chose!November 2010 003November 2010 005November 2010 007November 2010 008

Recently, some friends of ours were in town, and we got to spend some time with them while they were here!  Ben and Jamie Casmer now live in Arkansas, but we love hanging out with them.  Both of them have wonderful outgoing personalities and are a blast to be around.November 2010 023November 2010 024 Last but not least, Ash and Phil had their first wedding shower, and I just really love this pic of me and Ash!!!November 2010 045