Thursday, July 22, 2010

Visiting Nick, Stori and Isla in Madisonville, LA

Ok, I promised stuff about Mississippi today, but it’s going to have to wait.  There’s too much between seeing Nick, Stori and Isla as well as everything is Mississippi; they need their own posts :)

On our trek to Mississippi, we decided that it would be super awesome if we could stop in on Nick and Stori to not only see their house that we hadn’t seen in 2 whole years, but we could also meet sweet Isla!  Pictures and videos just weren’t cutting it for us anymore :)  We very much enjoyed getting to catch up with both Nick and Stori, too.  It’s been since Christmas, I think, since we’ve been able to really see and talk with both of them.  They were able to show us Madisonville, which is very cute by the way, and take us to one of their favorite restaurant, Friends.  Loved it!

But, I’m sure they would agree, the best part of our stay there was meeting Isla!July 2010 010July 2010 013July 2010 014 July 2010 015 I know everyone knows this, but check out how natural my hubby is :)

Check out Isla’s outfit for dinner :)July 2010 020

Henry got his last few oooohs and ahhhhs in the next morning, too.July 2010 023 Sadly, we forgot to get pics with Nick and Stori :(

We had so much fun though, and Isla is so much fun to be around!

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  1. Best blog and best video yet if I may say so! I can't believe its already been two weeks. We miss you guys and loved having you visit!!!